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Stories say that Stonehenge was associated with Merlin and King Arthur. When the keltic priests built the henge they aligned the recumbent stone with the moon thinking that the moon would take the souls of the dead.

Most likely the great Stonehenge was built to be a prediction device for the eclipse. A temple of the sun, a Pagan Cathedral, or a holy Stonehedge essays in the midst of blessed ground, or maybe a clock or even a place to Predict Eclipses.

Some people believe that it was built for religious purposes while others believe that it was a temple for the dead. The Stonehedge essays formed an arc and were eventually replaced.

You can get a custom essay on Stonehenge now! Stonehenge is truly the greatest mystery in the world, I hope they find out what it was truly for someday. Ancient people believed in regeneration because the moon was a place for the dead.

People would communicate with the spirits by going into trances. Back long ago little was none of the reasons for an eclipses, it was thought to be a sing from the gods.

One theory was that the stones were brought over by a glacier but there are no remains of the glacier. Also on the day of the summer solstice the sun is directly lined up with the avenue stone and on the winter solstice the sun lines up directly opposite of the avenue stone.

With that in mind, you can draw the conclusion that the constructors cared for the people building their structure. People would communicate with the spirits by going into trances.

When the sun rises it casts a shadow though an opening in the one side of Stonehenge, the day passes and the shadow move across the middle showing the druids the time of day. Stonehenge is still a mystery today. No one really knows what it was used for; this is due to a great number of facts surrounding all of these ideas.

They would eat hallucinogenic foods such as mushrooms to get into these deep trances. The two most realistic were the temple and eclipse prediction theories.The mystery of Stonehenge- theories about its construction and usage.

No place has generated so much speculation and wild theories as the standing stones of Stonehenge. The great age, massive scale and mysterious purpose of Stonehenge continue to draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

- Stonehenge Stonehenge is without a doubt the most interesting monument in Europe. The ring of stones standing in the open vastness of Salisbury Plain is an evocative image of wonder and mystery.

(Scarre, ) Stonehenge is both traditional and unique in Britain colorful history.

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Essay Stonehenge - Stonehenge Stonehenge, one of England most puzzling structures has historian, researchers and archeologists very unsure of it actually purpose.

Whatever Stonehenge is it is a remarkable structure full of mystery and magic. Dec 16,  · View and download stonehenge essays examples.

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Stonehenge did not always looks like the stone monument that is standing today. Stonehenge was constructed in three distinct phases. The first phase called the earth monument.

stood somewhere between B.C. and B.C. It was then replaced by the Timber. Monument which lasted until B.C. The final stage, the stone monument was constructed/5(3). But this essay was to give an educated guess about “What was the purpose of Stonehenge?” From the information I found there are many ways I could go.

The two most realistic were the temple and eclipse prediction theories.

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