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As we tackle immediate challenges, we think constantly of tomorrow. I was super nervous the day of and forgot to drink water before we left, so I had to go to the refreshment area and drink water first before I went to Canadian blood services next step.

Then she went through the HIV risk questions with me. The nurse I cried in front of also came up to check on me! Maybe one day my body will stop freaking out like there is something wrong.

Once that happens you goto desk 2 where they confirm your address etc, poke your finger to test iron levels in your blood an then send you off to area 3 to complete questions on your own. Good management would regularly visit these clinics to observe the process and fix problem areas.

The Canadian Blood Services should know how to run a clinic by now. If donors cant be found an even less palatable option would be Blood Services contact with clinics to recruit paid donors that sadly may conceal their health concerns during screening process for modest monetary gain they would receive for selling their blood and platelets.

Canadian Blood Services Employee Reviews

Tips for first time donors: Unless a steady stream of donors can be found and retained either you or your friends and family medical treatment can be delayed or even denied. Canadian Blood Services recruits screen extracts and recognizes volunteer blood donors who give their life giving fluid to those in need of blood products do to illness and surgery.

Tick, tick, tick, then your second checkpoint where a friendly staff member reviews your questionnaire to verify your eligibility to donate. Since I was a first time donor, nurses kept coming up to me to ask if I was doing okay. After 90 minutes and no bed, time to go. This step is relatively painless especially compared to the initial finger poke.

The staff and volunteers are so nice and friendly. There was no pressure to leave before you felt ready and everyone was just great. My boyfriend an avid blood donor came with me.

Just think of all of the people who will benefit from your kind donation: Apparently they usually have gluten-free cookies too -- just ask a volunteer! If you can, donate! After, a nurse calls you into a private office to check your temperature, blood pressure, weight, and to ask you questions on the second half of the questionnaire, which include more personal questions.

And our vision of what comes next is changing who we are today. Everyone is very pleasant here, and the whole process just for regular blood donation usually takes an hour.

Canadian Blood Services

And the cool thing is that they have prizes for the number of times you donate: Luckily I did not visit the one region which would disqualify me.

Everyone there is so positive, because I think they know they are all making a difference. A few days later my arm showed bruising vertically from the point where she put the needle in. The nurse who had hooked Reena up told me she was going faster than me.

I still have fears that have not been squished by being poked so many times on my finger, and on my arm for taking my blood, but in the end it is going to people in need, and that alone is a good feeling.

The consultant leaves the room for your final chance to stick the yes or no barcode sticker on your form, tossing out the alternate barcode. So you know what to expect: You must read it. I think health care workers should have name tags with their titles or at least tell people coming in what their role is.

I used to donate through my work at a mobile blood clinic at the Dave Copeland Community Centre but I started going with my boyfriend so we choose to go to the Oak St Main clinic now. After the needle is removed, you have to stay in the chair for 5 minutes and apply pressure to the needle site.

I did look at my set up and asked questions because I like being informed and everything was explained to me which put me at ease. First you read a brochure about blood donation, HIV, and after donation.

I also appreciated the card and sticker we were all given after as first time donors and congradulated. One day I hope to be like those pro donators that can just sit calmly and read a book like nothing is happening at all.

It is also recommended that you have a good breakfast. If you come here on a Friday you will meet Nina pronounced "nye-na" the awesome volunteer who is fab!!!

I will honestly say this hurt way more than the actual needle insertion.Canadian Blood Services, Ottawa, Ontario.

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Canadian Blood Services recently said that it needed 22, Canadians to donate blood by August 26, in order to ensure they have enough blood to meet patients’ needs for the rest of the summer.

Canadian Blood Services is a national, nonprofit charitable organization that manages the blood supply in all provinces and territories of Canada, outside Quebec, and oversees the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network (formerly Unrelated Bone Marrow Donor Registry).

Canadian blood services
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